MoRunning Race Weekend Report 5th & 6th November 2016

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So the MoRuns in Swinley Forest, Dublin, Leeds, Belfast and Newcastle are over for another year and what a fantastic weekend it was! All of our event teams have reported back to MoRunning HQ and we have loved hearing all the stories. We know there was rain and sunshine and we can’t wait to see photos of you all getting stuck in, including someone who we believe may have been head first at the Muddy! Big high fives to all of you! As you know, we work with F/Stop Photography so watch out for the photo emails! We have had a sneaky peek and love what we are seeing!

Thanks to all those of you who have raised a heap of cash for the Movember Foundation, as after all this is why we MoRun – the  money helps make massive strides for mens health and you should all feel really proud.

We wanted to highlight and congratulate the first 3 place holders at each event as well as some of the most noticeable fancy dress wearers!


We spotted a cave woman, and the ‘mo-wearing baby-wearing’ gentleman made us chuckle! We loved the cape wearing dog too – super!

10k - Men

1      Clayton Payne

2      Gary Staples

3      Ian Collier


10k - Women

1      Amber Gascoigne

2      Jo Payne

3      Alexandra Sheridan


10 miles - Men

1      Rory Spicer

2      Matthew Adamson

3      Mike Powell


10 miles - Women

1      Fay Cripps

2      Liz Banks

3      Karen Stanley



What incredible sunshine! We loved the Stormtrooper, Wonder Woman and of course the Huge Mo’s – brilliant!

5k Men

1      Andrew Allsop

2      Stefan Jensen

3      Nick Darley


5k Women

1      Connie Percival

2      Lauren Woodward

3      Vicky Brooke


10k Men

1      Phillip Batty

2      George Anderson

3      Jordan Baldwin


10k Women

1      Hannah Butcher

2      Jessica Amber

3      Hannah Yates



How sunny was it?! Amazing. We saw lots of selfie taking, some cool shades, and thought the mime artists and oompa loompa were superb!

5k Men

1      Connor MacCauley

2      Joseph Maguire

3      Ronan Kenny


5k Women

1      Ellie Hartnett

2      Kaitlin Stober

3      Mary Kelly


10k Men

1      Brian O'Kelly

2      Kevin Donagher

3      Richard Twohig


10k Women

1      Yvonne MacCauley

2      Julie Tideswell

3      Fran Mourigan 




Full marks to the ‘fro wearing dinosaur rider – we tip our hat in your direction! The neon unitard wearing group were brilliant too! We thought the knitted beard wearer was fabulous.


5k Men

1      Steven Duffy

2      Paul Waller

3      Steve Lowdon


5k Women

1      Nicola Brady

2      Gillian Hindle

3      Karl Allison



10k Men

1      Jaycee Shotton

2      Jamie McCarron

3      Marc Flanagan


10k Women

1      Lorna MacDonald

2      Tracy Matheson-Smith

3      Jasmine Hazlehurst



Do you know, we could have sworn we saw Freddie Mercury here! How cool! We really loved the young Top Gun and of course the numerous ‘fro and Mo’s we saw!

5k Men

1      Nicolas Wallace

2      Robert Devenney

3      Tim Kells


5k Women

1      Alice Scott

2      Julie McCusker

3      Eileen Keenan


10k Men

1      Simon Reeve

2      Cesare Pozzi

3      Mark Willis


10k Women

1      Maria Cortina

2      Kathryn McDonagh

3      Aimee Tweedle



A massive well done to all of you guys, you did brilliantly.

Thank you for MoRunning with us and we hope to welcome you back to a future event.

Have a look at our HQ website for run listings that may interest you. We have events across the country and even have a Triathlon! Did you know? Have a look and we will see you soon.

All the best

The MoRunning Team