The power of MoRunning brings out the best in all of us!

Whether it makes you run fast, run in style, run in pride or run together, it has the ability to make us all smile, whilst at the same time help raise massive awareness and funds for Men's Health through supporting our charity partner, the Movember Foundation.

2017 is set to be even better than ever. One of the most exciting additions to this year is the introduction of Mini MoRunning. A 1.5km mini MoRun will take place at all MoRunning locations and as the kids are our future lets get them moving. Stay posted for loads of exciting updates, news and stay posted for earlybird entries opening early summer.

Remember MoRunners, you're part of a community, a family, a team. When you step up to that start line, remember that you're helping men live longer, healthier lives.

We'll clap for you, we'll shout at you, we'll support you, maybe even laugh at you (all in good humour of course) but mainly we will praise you for your commitment to making a difference. Run hard, run fast, have fun and enjoy being part of something special.

See you all in November.

MoRunning fundraising for the Movember Foundation

MoRunning 5k and 10k runs fundraising for the Movember Foundation

MoRunners 2016 supporting the Movember Foundation

MoRunning fundraising for the Movember Foundation

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