Terms and Conditions

Below are the Terms and Conditions for Mo Running Events. If you have any queries regarding these please contact contact@mo-running.com 

MoRunning is the creation of The Fix Events, a UK based company organising events worldwide. Our terms & conditions are standard across all countries and your entry is treated of equal importance wherever you are. MoRunning is a global event and our focus is to provide the highest quality service, safety and satisfaction for you.

Withdrawal and refunds from MoRunning Events

Once you receive your entry confirmation you have seven days in which you are eligible to cancel your entry and receive a refund. As long as you have proof of your transaction and send this to us we can pay this directly in to your account. You will need to contact us at contact@mo-running.com to confirm your cancellation.

As soon as your entry has been received there are a number of costs involved and your entry fee goes towards setting the event up and this includes risk assessments, health and safety, marshalling, timing systems, race numbers to barriers.

Our objective at MoRunning is to put on the highest quality event for you. If the event is cancelled for any reason, we will reimburse your full entry fee. However, if you pull out then that is beyond our control and we do not refund your entry fee.

Health and Safety

We provide every measure to ensure the race you take part in is of the highest standard and the safest level. It is our job to make sure you can enjoy participating in a MoRunning event without any risks. When you confirm your registration, whether this is online and accepting these terms and conditions or by completing a hard copy entry form you are agreeing that you are taking part at your own risk and no responsibility shall lie upon race directors, race organisers, or any other parties involved in the organisation of the event.

We have a first aid team on board at all events. Water is supplied. However it is your responsibility to ensure you are healthy and fit to take part, that you are hydrated and we recommend you bring your own drink as well. If you are not feeling well, have not trained or have an injury we recommend that you do not take part. Please remember your personal health and safety is priority and we cannot be held responsible for this.

Event Day Arrival and Registration

You will be given full details regarding your event prior to the actual race day. It is your responsibility to ensure you are on time. If you are late for any reason we do not refund your entry.

When you receive your registration pack which normally includes your race timing chip this is your responsibility during the course of the event. Please ensure this is handed back to our team after the race otherwise there is a charge for losing this. This charge is stated on your location race information page on the local website. Race packs are either posted to you or are collected on the day of the event. Email information regarding the event is sent to you prior to the event stating this information and will include your event times, arrival information, race number and general details for the day of the event.

Your personal items and race kit including running gear and any clothing are your responsibility and it is up to you to ensure the safekeeping of these items. Bag storage is provided at most events with a team who are dedicated to this however bag storage is not a secure lock up so we recommend you travel lightly and leave all valuables at home.

Charity Contributions

MoRunning proudly supports the Movember Foundation.

The Event

Once you have entered an event, you have 7 days from the day you paid within which you can request a refund. After this no refunds apply. Any entries made within  7 days of the event date are not applicable for a refund.

Under no circumstances can someone else run for you.

Once entered in an event you cannot transfer to another event.

Once entered in to an event you cannot transfer your entry to another person.

Your event results will be posted on our website. Unless stated otherwise your name and time will be displayed. If you do not wish for these to be posted please email us at contact@mo-running.com

Photos and video footage will occasionally be taken throughout the course of our events and may be posted on our website, used in Mo Running marketing material or by our event partners. If you do not wish for your image to be used please email us prior to any event at contact@mo-running.com with your name and your event race number so we can ensure this does not happen.

Prizes and awards are often provided for winning teams and as spot prizes. Please note that these can not be exchanged.

If you have any queries or questions please email us at contact@mo-running.com or write to us at our UK head office: The Fix UK Ltd, Suite 2 , 31 Ashley Road , Epsom , KT18 5BD

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