Fundraising tips

Posted on by MoRunning

When you commit to a MoRun, you raise awareness.  But when you also commit to raise money for the Movember Foundation, you change the future of men’s health.

In 2018 MoRunning raised over £100000 for the Movember Foundation, and over our 10 years of MoRunning that figure is around £1million.  We hope this year will be our biggest fundraising year yet.

We know it can be a daunting task. You’ve signed up for a MoRun and you’re wondering how to get started with your fundraising. Or you’re thinking of signing up and the fundraising is a concern for you. Well worry not, we’re here to help with ten handy hints and tips to make sure you are working your contacts as much as possible without making them want to cross the road when they see you coming!

1. Get your JustGiving page set up and write yourself a couple of sentences to entice those early donors in!

2. It’s ok to get emotional. Make sure your potential donors know the stats. Talk to them about the work of the Movember Foundation to remind them what positive work they do and what a difference they make.

3. The next time you feel awkward about fundraising, take some time out to consider the alternative. If you believe in the cause, then don’t be afraid to ask your friends to support you.

4. Consider your costume. It may be something so crazy that people will donate just so they get to see the photographic evidence!

5. Before sharing on social media, email the link to your closest friends and family. They are most likely to get the ball rolling for you and when the next lot of potential donors from social media look at your page, they will see that you’ve had (hopefully!) generous donations and will be more likely to follow suit.

6. Share your JustGiving page on Facebook and Twitter and make sure you share it at least once a week at least until the big day.

7. Adding your JustGiving link to your email signature is a quick and easy win in terms of getting your page out there.

8. If the company you work for has an intranet, see if you can get your link posted on there too.

9. Saying thank you is super important and you can do this individually or enmasse by email or on social media. A good way is to do it openly so others can see, as it may just encourage them to click that link!

10. Follow up. Be persistent. You may have caught someone at a busy time before or it may have been at the end of the month before payday! Give people gentle reminders, thank those who have already donated, and ask them to share with their contacts to spread the message wider.

We hope these have been useful tips, and we look forward to seeing your fundraising coming in on the leaderboards. Don’t forget, this year we are challenging areas to be the winners and will be reporting more on this as we get closer to the MoRuns! Go forth and get asking, don’t be shy!