How to Fake your Mo like a Pro

Posted on by MoRunning

A MoRun isn't a MoRun without a big moustache. Whereever you are going to MoRun - you need to be proud of your moustache as much as of your running achievements. So, if there is a reason for you not to grow your natural facial hair, here are some tips how to have an impressive drawn-up or fake moustache (nobody will see the difference)!

1) Draw your moustache with an eyebrow pencil!

Rub a small dab of facial moisturizer into your upper lip. This will help to make the makeup application smoother and any excess eyebrow liner easier to remove. Select an eyebrow pencil that matches the colour of your brows (or black)! A high-quality, sharp eyebrow pencil with a fine tip is key to faking a moustache as it enables you to make smooth, fine strokes that resemble individual hairs.  You can draw the moustache horizontally - in whatever shape suits you - as long as you start from the centre of your upper lip and draw along to the cheek and then repeat the same movement on the other side of the face. Or you can do it vertically - drawing the moustache hairs line by line, using sharp, downward strokes from the top of the outline you drew to just above your upper lip. The lines should not be perfectly vertical, but should slant slightly outwards instead. This helps mimic the somewhat irregular growth of natural hair.

2) Apply a Fake Moustache!

A fake moustache is an essential accessory for those who wear fancy dress costumes, for actors and of course for MoRunners! Knowing how to apply your moustache allows you to impress everyone and remove the moustache without pain afterwards. You have several options when it comes to choosing a fake moustache. Plastic moustaches are easy to apply, and are often self-adhesive, but they are the least convincing type. Making your own moustache from synthetic hair, using the appropriate glue, and sticking one hair at a time is very time-consuming, but delivers a good hold and a convincing appearance. You can also purchase a fabric or synthetic hair moustache, sewn to a fabric backing, or glued together.

To apply a fake moustache, prepare your face first. Wash and dry the area thoroughly, as perspiration, natural oils, and general pollutants prevent the adhesive from sticking properly. Men need to be clean-shaven for the best results. Apply astringent or non-alcohol-based aftershave balm. This closes the pores and encourages the adhesive to get a firmer hold for longer. Take the wax paper and add a blob of spirit gum or your chosen prosthetic adhesive, then dip the tip of a cotton swab in the adhesive. Use the coated cotton bud to spread the adhesive across the area to which you plan to apply the moustache. Apply a thin layer and wait for a few minutes until the adhesive is tacky. Then take the pre-formed moustache and hold it to the adhesive until it is secure.

3) Use your MoRun medal!

If you came without a moustache to a MoRun, don't worry - you are not going to leave without one! If you didn't draw, grow or apply a fake one, just use your medal! The amazing shape and silver glow of your MoRun medal on your face will make all Hollywood make-up artists jealous and you’ll get many likes on your photos from your LIKE-minded friends.