Just how far is your MoRun?

Posted on by MoRunning

For some of our MoRunners a 5k or even a 10k is just a training run for a much longer distance race which they have set their sights on.  Many of our MoRunners however are running their first race at this distance, maybe just after graduating from a couch to 5k or 5k to 10k running course. 

So just how far are those distances???  We took a look at some of our venue cities to give you an idea:


blackpool tower

  • Blackpool Tower to the Pleasure Beach and back
  • From the Hibernian ground at Easter Road to the Hearts of Midlothian ground at Tynecastle Road
  • From Buckingham Palace to the Tower of London
  • 2.5 times the length of the Aberdeen airport runway
  • From Wollaton Hall to Trent Bridge Cricket Ground



Severn Bridge

  • Across the Severn bridge and back
  • 1.5 times the Grand National course
  • From Mumbles Pier to Swansea train station.
  • From Canterbury Cathedral to Whitstable Bay
  • Principality Stadium to Barry Docks (watch out for Gavin and Stacey)
  • The Molly Malone statue to Dun Laoghaire

And of course, most importantly, 5k is 1 lap of the MoRun course and 10k is 2 laps! 

Whatever distance you are running, wherever your training runs take you, we look forward to seeing you at MoRunning this November!