MoRunning Wrap Up 2020

Posted on by MoRunning

That's now the end of our month of MoRunning and thanks to everyone that got involved. Let's be honest it was so different to normal and such a shame we were not able to see you in person.

However wherever you were in the world we hope you still enjoyed the challenge, were inspired and motivated to MoRun and acheive your personal goals and still felt connected to us. We did our best to provide news, support, fun, smiles and plenty of videos.

We are proud to have continued to support Movember and you have helped raise around £20,000 for the charity so thanks again to all of you.

Here's a few photos from some of you and please keep running, keep in touch and if you have any questions or would like to get in contact do so at

MoRunning 5k 10k half marathon movember

MoRunning 5k 10k half marathon movember