Movember – What You Can Achieve

Posted on by Movember UK

Movember and MoRunning go hand in hand. Movember supports men’s mental health, and running is a great way to improve your mental state. Why not go that extra kilometre (metaphorically speaking) and fundraise for Movember and sign up here Join Movember Community Ambassador Gerhard, who shares his story...

“In MoRunning I found a great comfort and release.

For many years I’ve been struggling with panic attacks, anxiety and depression.

When I took up running, I learned a lot about myself. I realised that running isn't just about what the body can do. It's about your mind too. The best thing you can do for your mental health is going out for a run. Running has saved my life by bringing forth my strengths and teaching me how to cope with my weaknesses.

In running, and in life, I realised that my feet might take me far, but a healthy mind takes me even further.

Being a MoRunner allows me to celebrate the joy of running. MoRunning allows me to continue to run, encourage people to run and support other runners. Being a MoRunner helps me raise awareness of Movember and Men's Health.”

So be like Gerhard, sign up on today, and get even more out of your MoRun.

MoRunning supporting Movember 5k 10k runs across the UK