Schedule of MoRunning Activity this November

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We plan to make the month of MoRunning as engaging and motivational as possible for all our MoRunners. Below is a brief outline of a few things we will be doing throughout the month. We wil share videos, podcasts, your stories, have dedicated MoRunning days, prize draws and more!

If you would like to share your story, get on a podcast with our team to discuss why you MoRun, what motivates you, how long you have been with us, why you are fundraising or anything else we would love to hear from you here.

Thanks everyone and here's to making this November as successful for you, Movember and every single MoRunner!


Schedule of activity

27th Oct - Getting ready to MoRun. Everything you need to know

31st Oct - Message from MoRun Director sharing support to you

1st Nov - Welcome to the month of MoRunning

2nd Nov - Remember to get out and MoRun message. And your reminder of how to log your results and view challenge stats and the online leaderboard

4th Nov - Your Story 1 - in discussion with a MoRunner about their journey

5th Nov - Message from Movember about fundraising

7th Nov - Prize draw 1 Eat Natural Goodie Pack

11th Nov - Your Story 2 

14th Nov - Prize draw 2

15th Nov - Mid month photo day - share your race face, medal mo!

18th Nov - Your Story 3

21st Nov - Prize draw 3

21st Nov - World Day of MoRunning - Let's get everyone everywhere around the UK, Ireland and around the world to treat today as a world day to MoRun

25th Nov - Your Story 4

28th Nov - Fancy Dress Final Saturday! Get online with us and we will judge the best Fancy Dressers

29th Nov - Looking back and announcing Legends of MoRunning 2020

29th Nov - Prize draw 4